Jouni Epper


Sun Tzu, Chinese philosopher and strategist

Jouni has the skill to put himself into the position of you and your customer and create suitable and convincing solutions. As a communications expert and entrepreneur with experience from agencies and as head of communications of well-known companies, he knows how to reach people and get ideas across. He loves to meet new people – preferably over a good cup of coffee or a cold drink.


Jouni has more than twenty years of communication experience:

  • Ten years as an independent communications consultant for companies for which he: made strategies understandable, positioned brands, developed websites, implemented events, accompanied changes and oriented the media. References
  • Ten years as head of communications at globally active companies such as Pfizer (Switzerland), the start-up surfEU, which was the fastest growing internet provider in Europe at the time of the internet boom, or at the world's largest medical organization AO Foundation.


  • Executive Master in Communications Management 
    University of Lugano
  • Certified in Advanced Strategic Management 
    University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Certified Digital Marketing Professional
    Digital Marketing Institute
  • Adult Educator SVEB
    Swiss Association for Education
  • Dipl. Oec. HWV


Our Souffleurs are among the best in their field. As independent partners they support where they are needed and offer added value.

Ivan Schultheiss


Going the extra mile is no lip service for Ivan. Through his experience and holistic view, projects become even more successful in the medium and long term.

Ancilla Schmidhauser

Ancilla Schmidhauser

Ex. Master of Science in Communications Management USI, BBA

Business Storytelling: Trainings, Workshops, Coaching, Speaking

Ancilla’s goal is always: Convince - don't persuade. Create credibility instead of bla bla. A good story changes convictions. A brilliant story makes people change the world.

Natalie Jäggi

lic. oec HSG


When it comes to strategic communication, you should talk to Natalie. As an empathic and creative specialist, she has advised small and large companies throughout her career and led projects to success. Working together with her is always good fun!

Alex Kallivroussis

Alex Kallivroussis

Online & Social Media

"A good online presence is like a tailor-made suit for James Bond," says Alex. It has to be safe and comfortable and look good. But even more important is that it puts the person wearing it in the spotlight. And a social media button on the lapel is a must these days.

David Prochazka

Julia Henauer

Animation and Illustration

Nothing stands still for Julia. When she sees something, it begins to move or takes on other forms. Forms and movements that turn adults back into children and that appeal to us - in a completely natural way.

Piero Bevilacqua

Marketing Communication & Design

Piero lives communication and design. With a lot of experience, passion and understanding, he develops corporate design and advertising work for start-ups as well as for big brands and companies. Always with the highest standards and an eye for the detail and the big picture.

David Prochazka

Sandro Isler

Branding, Corporate Publishing, Visualisation and Animation

Sandro understands how to reduce and visualize complex elements in an understandable way. He draws on his experience and craftsmanship and combines it with his know-how from online and print publishing.

David Prochazka

David Prochazka

Video and Animation

Video and animation are the medium of time. With David you have guaranteed that you will play this medium with absolute professionalism and charm. This way your customers will see your message - and not that of your competitors.