We believe the age of different communication disciplines is over. Today there is simply Communication. Customers and stakeholders are communication savvy and by navigating autonomously through their preferred channels they inform themselves and are not dictated to. They select and decide what information is pertinent to them and make decisions based on their individual needs. Companies must respond to this evolution accordingly. Three points are decisive:

  • A consistent and convincing message
  • A well thought-out and clear plan across corporate departments and communication channels
  • Professional and credible communication material that talks to both customers and stakeholders and delivers tangible results

Souffleur offers you solid experience - from planning through implementation to measuring outcomes and success. We are pragmatic and realistic and work closely with you. 


Integrated Communication

Souffleur works and supports you according to an integrated approach. We guarantee that you have neither a strategy that is difficult to communicate, nor communication material that fails to support your strategy. Regardless of whether you want to refresh your brand and communication, or achieve project or product-related communication results quickly.

The following graphic shows how the strategic components interact with the communication channels.

Kommunikation & Strategie Grafik


When implementing communication measures, it’s important to find the right messages and spread them professionally and in a stringent manner across all channels relevant to the customers and stakeholders. Experience and craftsmanship combined with a hands-on approach, are key factors for success.


In order to reach your target groups and their specific needs, it’s essential your messages get communicated in a consistent and uniform way. To achieve this goal, the corporate departments play a central role, as they are the ambassadors of your messages and the main link to your customers and stakeholders.

Souffleur supports you with sound practical and implementation experience in all aspects of communication. From consulting, project management and implementation to interim management.


Souffleur / Strategieumsetzung& Change Management
Strategy Implementation & Change Management

We help you communicate a clear, unambiguous strategy so that your employees not only understand it, but also breath life into it. As a result, your company goals become tangible to the customer. 


A good corporate strategy is not defined by how elaborate or sophisticated it is. What is important is that it speaks to the customer's wishes and is understandable and credible for everyone. Your employees must believe in it in order to effectively convey to your customers and stakeholders why your company does what it does. The same applies to change management: results will become visible only when the goal is clear and the willingness for change is there.

Souffleur helps you to find these values and messages and to put them into words and images. This will allow you to create awareness and start driving change the way you want it.

Souffleur / Kommunikationsstrategie
Communication Strategy

We transform your company’s goals into concrete plans and solid communication measures that support your employees in their day-to-day business.


A communication strategy is always derived from the corporate strategy. However, translating it into simple and understandable messages and making them easy to use requires experience. The same applies if you want to communicate business goals or the unique selling points of a product.

Souffleur is at your side. We develop easily applicable concepts for you, tell you which messages are the right ones and through which channels you can quickly and efficiently reach your target audience.

Souffleur / Beratung, Umsetzung & Schulungen
Consulting, Implementation & Training

We train your employees and give them the right communication tools to achieve their goals.


"Where the rubber meets the road" - because communication only leaves marks when implemented.

We offer you the right experts so that you can hit home with your message and communicate about your products and services in a focused manner. From consulting through to the realisation of tangible communication material and employee training, we lay the foundation for successful and integrated communication.

Souffleur / Start-Up & Business Development Kommunikation
Start-up & Business Development Communication

We show you how your customers and stakeholders see your company and what you have to do, to be perceived as you want to be.


Especially when implementing a new business idea, further developing an existing business, or entering a new market, it is important to set the right course. This starts with an understanding of customer needs and the market, as well as agile planning.

Souffleur has a lot of experience in setting up and expanding business activities and knows how to ask the right questions. But we can also help you communicate the right message to the right target group at the right time. In this way you receive valuable feedback and can bind potential customers to you from the very beginning.


Souffleur / Online & Social Media
Online & Social Media

The web is the first door to your company. There are thousands of opportunities here. We will show you how you can use them.


Customers, stakeholders, media, and the rest of the world are online. That much is clear. They use the virtual world around the clock to find and evaluate the right information, brands and products for them. Position yourself well in this space and the customers will find you with a click. Get it wrong and they’ll be gone.

Souffleur has always been online. We’ve made small Internet Providers big and planned and executed large-scale campaigns. We know how to position your company, send a compelling message, communicate with your customers, measure and continuously improve your online presence.

Souffleur / Marketingkommunikation & Branding
Marketing Communication & Branding

We combine the benefits of your products with the values of your brand. Thus your marketing communication develops more power!


Marketing communication is often product-driven and opportunistic. It’s often detached from the brand of the parent company and only marginally communicates its values. Companies that know how to combine product value with the values and image of their corporate brand are considerably more successful. Every product sold pays into the bank account whilst simultaneously increasing the value of the corporate brand. Apple is a good example.

We have to admit that we haven't been able to build a second Apple yet. But we know how it works and offer you solid experience from planning through to implementation.

Souffleur / Public Relations & Corporate Publishing
Public Relations & Corporate Publishing

We support you in focusing on the essentials. In doing so, we enable you to create content with more value, which in turn makes you more visible in the media jungle!


"Content is king!" Today this statement is more important than ever, especially in the fields of public and media relations and corporate publishing. Readers only accept content that offers noticeable value-add. Fortunately the readers of your publications are usually already your customers or stakeholders, or journalists whose opinions matter to your target audience. When developing content, you should therefore focus on the essentials and call in professional support. This way you create content that you can re-use, know where and how your message is received, and simultaneously increase customer loyalty. You benefit from this triple effect by setting the focus just right.

Souffleur knows what makes good content. And we can create it.

Souffleur / Events & Messen
Events & Trade Fairs

Out of every human interaction and meeting of minds, new emotions, hopes and liaisons emerge. We help you be authentic and assist you in drawing on these opportunities. 


In an increasingly virtual world, what would be nicer and more effective than personal contact with customers and stakeholders? This applies to both companies and their customers. Because we are all people! And as people we remember faces, personal contact, and friendly service. Such encounters create emotions that we associate with the brand of a company. This is why events, trade fairs and symposia are the best branding and customer loyalty tools.

Souffleur offers you in-depth expertise, ranging from internal staff events, large trade fairs and international meetings lasting several days.