Communication check.

Shows impact.

The communication check gives you clarity about your marketing and communication measures.
What shows impact. What does not.

With the knowledge gained, you increase your communication impact, reduce costs and strengthen your customer relationships.

From day one. And better every day.

Why optimise communication?

Because getting better is fun.

Build on your proven communication. It is easier and more profitable. 

With the knowledge of the impact of your measures, you can continuously improve your communication, lower your marketing expenses, and optimise your resources. Everyone will thank you for it. Except for your competitors.

6 reasons for the communication check


Take a ride with us.

Using our tried and tested communication carousel© we find the relevant points in your communication landscape. We visualise the crucial relationships between them, highlight fruitful measures and uncover weak points.







Lay the foundation...

... and let us start the check.

Because it is the basis for all optimisation steps. And at the same time your reference point for the recurring interim measurements that guarantee for long-term success.

What do we check?

For example...

Corporate Design & Language Quality

Goal-oriented and consistently high-quality marketing and communication material raises the reputation of your company.

Stringent Messages

Addressing customers with “one voice” makes communication easier for your employees and enhances the customer journey.

Goal Orientation

Only communication that covers customer needs can fully support the company goals.


Only those who measure their communication have a demonstrable impact and can continuously improve.

Know-how & Processes

Personnel and internal processes have a decisive influence on the “output” of your communication. Occasional checks are a valuable measure and usually increase the “outcome” of your communication.

Analytics & Implementation

Google provides you with numbers. But can you also translate this data into profitable measures and improvements?

Budgets & Channels

Even a desk analysis of budget and channels usually provides information that allows for simple improvements. Long-term support increases this.

Benchmarking & Trends

Know what your competitors are doing and learn from the best. Because the industry leader always enjoys the highest reputation.


Your communication check simply visualised.

Checking and measuring your communication is one thing. Implementing and using the information is another.

We pack the relevant key data into a dashboard suitable for your company. This provides you with a management and leadership tool that you can use to optimise your measures on an ongoing basis, inform employees and stakeholders, and better manage your relationships with marketing and communication agencies.

Our dashboards are tangible tools for planning your activities and communicating with stakeholders. From off- to online and, if desired, with real-time data.

Just like you

We work with companies just like yours who want to know how and where they can best reach their customers.